Checkin – Attendance Info

The Check-in function accelerates the registration of participants at an event. All registered members appear on a list and can be checked into the event by clicking on their names.

Checking in to an event

Who attended a certain event? What children were checked into the kid’s services and what are the names of the individual children? These questions can be answered using Checkin.

  • Automatic creation of attendance lists
  • Ideal for children’s ministries
  • Addition of new people
  • Automatically recognises upcoming events
  • Track visitors attendance

Printer Integration

Events call for fast check-in processes. The Check-in function supports this with the integration of a label printer

  • Printable name tags
  • Supports printers with a LAN cable
  • Check-in via tablet and printing via a network printer
  • Printing of created group lists
  • Simplified view for self-check-in

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