ChurchDB – Member Administration

People and families are the heart and soul of your organisation. Managing their information is crucial. For this purpose, you need a system that allows you to collect information, to track event attendances and to simplify communication. We developed ChurchTools to meet these requirements.

Simple administration of members and groups

Member and group administration form the basis of ChurchTools. Each person receives an individual profile with the appropriate set of rights and can be added to different groups.

  • Creating a member profile
  • Following up with new members using the FollowUp system
  • Evaluations with different filters are available
  • Saveable filters
  • Archiving of members

Maintaining an overview

How many active members are part of our church? What events are happening, what rooms are available and how many service attendants did we have last Sunday? ChurchTools is able to answer these questions instantaneously.

  • Statistics for church leadership, groups and small group leaders
  • Administration of multiple locations with the Multi-Site function
  • Integrated Google maps for individuals and small groups
  • Protocols provide transparency for all entries
  • Refined FollowUp functions which ensure that no one is forgotten

Flexible adaptation

Each church has a different structure and with time these structures can change in order to meet new requirements. ChurchTools digitally displays these structures and allows flexible adaptations and changes.

  • Customisable welcome text and logo
  • Unlimited display of hierarchy levels*
  • Pre-selection of frequently used titles
  • Changes of pre-entered indications possible
  • Addition of further database fields possible

*version 3.0 or higher required

Simplifying communication

Facilitate easy communication between church members and help them register for courses, retreats or trips by filling in a form.

  • Emails to departments
  • Personalised emails including file attachments
  • Every church member can be granted access to ChurchTools
  • Group leaders receive special privileges for their groups
  • Send text messages (SMS) and emails via ChurchTools*

*cost depends on provider

Synchronisation with OPTIGEM*

Small group leaders, church leadership and church members regularly update contact details. The synchronisation with OPTIGEM happens in the background.

  • You save extra work
  • Two-sided synchronization
  • Automatic or manual mode
  • Inclusion of OPTIGEM categories
  • Supports OPTIGEM access and the SQL-server version
  • Import and export of data via .csv

*Windows PC required in the network

High data security

Data security is absolutely crucial when it comes to cloud-based applications. Throughout the development of ChurchTools, it was our highest goal to ensure that your data is secure.

  • SSL encrypted data transmission
  • Detailed rights for individuals and groups
  • Data protection according to German standard
  • Data transmission limited according to the level of rights granted

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