ChurchResource – Resources Management

People need to use different rooms, equipments and items at different times. ChurchResource provides a clear overview of all those resources and reduces administration time. All group leaders and members can request to use rooms or objects. Protocols of past use are provided.

Booking resources

Member and group administration form the basis of ChurchTools. Each person receives an individual profile with the appropriate set of rights and can be added to different groups.

  • Authorised members can send booking requests
  • Requests are approved by those responsible
  • Automatic approval possible
  • Booking requests on behalf of another person
  • Preparation and follow-up times are taken into account

Administration of resources

ChurchResource provides all necessary information needed to process booking requests effectively. This provides a solid foundation for decisions.

  • Creation of unlimited resource items
  • Planning functions are provided by virtual resources
  • Each resource can have multiple administrators
  • Different types of resources can be categorised
  • Printable templates for the creation of lists
  • Statistics about the utilisation of resources
  • Filter resources by status

Clear Notifications

Members have different options of viewing the requested resources.

  • Status of the request on the personal home page
  • Email notification when request is accepted/denied
  • Automatic repetition selectable

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