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Church is family to us. In a family, everyone contributes and in a church, everyone should be empowered to contribute as well. Whether at home, at the office or while travelling. Using ChurchTools as the church management software (ChMS) is the ideal software solution for the church today.

ChurchTools – Gemeinsam Kirche gestalten

Kirche ist für uns Familie. In der Familie packt jeder mit an, so soll auch in der Kirche jeder mitgestalten dürfen. Von Zuhause, im Büro oder unterwegs.
ChurchTools ist als Church Management Software (ChMS) die ideal zugeschnittene Softwarelösung für die Kirche von heute.


ChurchTools is a web application that facilitates the central administration of contacts (friends, members, etc.), resources and documents and also supports event planning including songs, numbers and calendars. In this way, ChurchTools unites the most important functions for building churches and associations together.


ChurchTools is a platform for pastors, leaders, small groups and volunteers. It can be used by churches, missionary organisations and associations. ChurchTools is available in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French. The only prerequisite for people to start participating and working together is an updated browser!


ChurchTools is the most frequently used ChMS in the German-speaking countries. Data security is of absolute importance and facilitated by encryption techniques, daily backups and a privacy policy according to the German law. The data are stored in Germany under highest security precautions.

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provides a flexible address database that allows the collaborative administration of contact details and information about staff, their teams, groups, ministries or small groups. A FollowUp function facilitates the reminding to stay in contact with people interested in the church, this way nobody goes unnoticed or is forgotten. An additional feature that synchronises the database with OPTIGEM is also available .




is a booking system that helps to administrate the use of resources such as rooms, vehicles, projectors, instruments, etc. Team members and staff can request to book the use of these resources and an authorised person can approve the request or the resource can be booked automatically. This way, it is always guaranteed to have an updated overview of what is being used and when.



create plans for every service or event, schedule people for different tasks and oversee the song selection of the worship team including the possibility to integrate ChurchTools with CCLI (SongSelect) to import and export songsheets and lyrics for ProPresenter and SongBeamer. Each team member can independently accept or decline a service request or make an alternative suggestion.




is more than just an ordinary calendar that shows various appointments. It is not just helpful for the annual church planning, but it also allows for direct booking and creation of events. It can be embedded into the website fo a church or association and can be synchronised with other devices such as PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets.



people can be registered at events and team meetings. An attendance sheet can be created automatically which, for example, helps to know what child is taking part in the children’s ministry. Additionally, name tags can be printed.




is an online word processor and allows members to write articles and make files available for download. All information can be made available depending on the individual rights, so each team member can independently provide the necessary information.



Free 30 day trial
Order ChurchTools for free now. The system will be provided shortly.


This is only the beginning…

Ready to go

The system will be provided ready to use. No installations are needed and members can immediately be invited. Global access is made possible using encrypted connections.

Song management

Administration of lyrics in a song database including CCLI import. Details such as key, BPM, length and demo files in video or mp3 format can be added, as well.

Own System

To enhance the security, every ChurchTools system is provided on an individual database with exclusive access. It can be accessed via a customised subdomain.


High security is provided by SSL/TLS encrypted transmission including the most modern protocols: Our servers are rated with A+ which stands for the highest level of security. Passwords and ChurchWiki pages are encrypted separately to provide maximum data security.

Personalized emails

Sending of individualised emails including the name of the recipient. Simple ways of sending messages to volunteers and team members in groups, events or small groups.


The database can be synchronised with OPTIGEM in both ways and is therefore always updated on both systems. Additionally, import and export functions in CSV format are available.

Active community

ChurchTools is already used by more than 1000 churches in the German-speaking countries. These churches are connected and together we develop ideas for improvement.


All members can work on the system at the same time. All data is constantly updated and available.


This solution has been developed over the past eleven years and new ideas received from the churches are continuously being implemented.


The distribution of permissions allows the authorization of all members to a limited or expanded access to internal information in the system. This can be adjusted both by group membership and status, as well as individually.


Information about the workload of volunteers and resources is available to the leadership in charts, this way they can have an overall view.


Full traceability is enabled by the automatic protocol of any change. For example, address changes can be tracked.

Small groups

The administration of small groups is well supported and includes, for example, adding a new member to a small group via embedded Google maps.


Despite the wide range of functions, members can only see the functions they were granted access to. This prevents members from feeling overwhelmed.


Music videos, mp3 or PDF files can be made available for download: e.g. in the area of song management, in the knowledge database or in the event planning section.

IT administration

To use ChurchTools it is not necessary to have an IT admin. Updates are automatically installed and daily backups created.


ChurchTools automatically adapts to the resolution of any computer, tablet or smartphone and thus provides optimal readability.


You can contact our support free of cost via email whenever you need assistance or have questions. We also offer individual trainings for a fair price.

CCLI Integration

A CCLI-SongSelect account can be integrated with ChurchTools to directly import song sheets and lyrics into song management.



What churches and alliances say about ChurchTools

“ChurchTools helps me to walk with people and to not lose sight of them. It has, therefore, become an indispensable tool for our pastoral ministry.”
Lead pastor Matthias C. Wolff (Christengemeinde Elim Hamburg, Germany)
“We love the possibility to use ChurchTools in different languages. For diverse international churches like ours, it is exactly what is needed!”
Bruno Nicoletti (Pastor, ICG Karlsruhe, Germany)
“Using a central calendar for church events, we can keep an overview of all events and important appointments. This tool also enables us to coordinate the necessary resources such as rooms, technical equipment and even volunteer teams at the same time.”
Sigrid Wessler (Assistant Lead Pastor, Elim Hamburg, Germany)
I’m excited about ChurchTools because of its administration functions for small groups. I can see their capacity and using Google Maps, I can find the right small group for new members.”Small group pastor Michael Goth (Ecclesia Nuremberg, Germany)
“Using ChurchTools, we cannot just display our address database in a neat way, but we can also intuitively maintain it, send out emails and synchronise it with other services such as Optigem. It has become an essential tool that makes our work so much easier.”
Sandra Kunze (Assistant to the Manager Director, Gemeinsam für Hamburg, Germany)

Free 30 day trial
Order ChurchTools for free now. The system will be provided shortly.