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Save time and keep your ChurchTools data up to date automatically.

Connect other systems

Exchange data between systems

Maintain control

You can use the Sync module to connect your ChurchTools installation to another system in order to exchange data between the two systems. Various actions, filters and mapping tools are available for you to decide which data should be imported, exported or synchronized.
The sync helps you and your church to save time and effort, as you no longer have to synchronize different databases to keep them up to date.

Connect your ChurchTools with ...

Other ChurchTools- installations

Personal and accounting data


Personal and accounting data


Personal and accounting data

Who Sync is intended for

Congregation associations

Can e.g. bundle information about the pastors in their churches and keep it up to date.

ChurchTools administrators

can, e.g., connect their installation to themselves in order to automatically change group roles.

Church accountants

can, for example, synchronize transactions and donors with OPTIGEM or another installation.

State churches

can, e.g., continuously import reporting data from DaviP into their installation.

Take a look at our release event

This video explains the Sync module using an example. Take a look and find out how
flexible and user-friendly our tool is to configure. Everything is set up in just a few minutes and your
data flows exactly where and when you need it.


The following help pages provide answers

Sync – an overview

What can I do with the Sync?

Who can use the Sync?

Where to find what?

How does the Sync work?

Still open questions?

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Start now

Sync can be tested free of charge for 30 days. The trial phase begins with the execution of your first Sync
job. So you can simply try out the configuration without incurring any costs. The price
and the number of sync jobs depend on your ChurchTools license package.

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