Keep an eye on all appointments, no matter how many there are

A multifunctional calendar that everyone can access and that makes it easier to participate in church life. With its versatile, customizable categories, it overcomes the limitations of conventional app calendars and always offers you and the people in your church community a good overview.

Simplified collaboration

Are you planning an appointment, meeting or event? With just a few clicks, you can book the necessary resources, create a schedule, set up a registration or confirmation of participation or create a group (including chat) for which the appointment is relevant. No one is left out, your teams are strengthened. Recurring events can easily be set up with repetitions.

One church, several calendars

Templates, different categories, sorting by church calendars, different locations, group calendars and personal calendars, assigned colors and linking the calendar to events and resources help you make the most of your potential. Schedule and room overlaps are reduced to a minimum, which avoids misunderstandings and conflicts.

Integrate into the website

Integrate public calendars into your church’s website. This keeps your events up-to-date at all locations with just one entry. Create appealing descriptions of your events and activities yourself or with the help of the writing assistant. This will draw people’s attention to them and make it easier for them to find their way to your church.

Everything in one place

Select the church, group and personal calendars (including service calendars) that are relevant to you, create and share your own calendars and subscribe to external iCal or Google Calendar feeds – with ChurchTools’ calendar you have all your appointments in one place, can view them on any device and never have to forget any of them again.

Integrated calendar

Collect relevant information from the other modules and display it in the calendar.

Wide range of functions

A variety of functions with customizable permissions and synchronizations.

Public and private calendars

Calendars that can be viewed by others and private calendars - all in one place.

Handy for annual planning

Create recurring appointments, display in daily, weekly, monthly and list view, with search function and printer optimization.

Birthday calendar

Automatic birthday calendar so that no more birthdays are forgotten.

Publishing the calendar

Simple publication on the website and shared management of calendars.

Daily, weekly, monthly and list view

Integrated search function (in the list view)

Any number of appointments per day

Notification of appointments

Connected with Events and Resources

Appealing design

Color coding of the calendar categories

Personal calendar for each member

Display of absences

Birthday calender

Subscribe to calendar

Integration into any website

Public and private calendars

Printer-optimized display

Sharing option for individuals and groups

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