Make the most of your resources

From rooms and technical equipment to supplies and vehicles - all of your church's resources can be managed efficiently with this module. This allows you to avoid double bookings and prevent conflicts, while reducing administrative work to a minimum.

Effortless administration

Book rooms, materials and technical equipment when planning appointments, events and services and allocate them easily.
An overview of all available resources helps you to use them effectively, coordinate them optimally with your work and always know when they are being used and by whom.

Encouraging active participation

By enabling employees to independently request or book rooms and materials, you avoid time-consuming coordination channels, create smooth communication and help volunteers to get involved. Automated planning and allocation saves valuable time for each individual and strengthens collaboration within the church team.

Resolving conflicts gracefully

Overlapping or double bookings of rooms or equipment are a thing of the past. You can give a specific user, such as the secretary, permission to easily coordinate requests. Potential conflicts are displayed immediately so that requests can be quickly confirmed, rejected or adjusted.

Maximum use of resources

Every resource in your church is valuable. Evaluations and statistics can be created at any time with just a few clicks. This gives you a good overview of all your resources and their utilization. This allows you to make the best possible use of them and ensure that nothing goes unused.

Manage resources

Clear presentation of all available rooms and materials.

Allocate resources

Each resource can be assigned to several administrators.

Book resources

Simple request or booking by authorized members.

Display overlaps

Overlapping booking requests are displayed immediately.

Release resources

Automatic notification of confirmation or refusal by the person responsible.

Evaluate usage

Evaluate the utilization of rooms and materials quickly and easily.

Linked with Calendar and Events

ChurchTools is characterized by functions that are optimally linked to each other. This ensures smooth processes, prevents important details from being overlooked, improves communication between your members, saves valuable time in administration and organization and thus helps your church to work at its best. It is a holistic solution that supports you in all your tasks and thus offers a good opportunity to take a healthy path to digitalization as a church.

Easy application and organization

Any number of resources can be set

Resource types can be entered in categories

Further categories possible

Release by responsible persons

Several persons responsible for one resource

Display overlaps

Automatic approval possible

Automatic notification of all participants in the event of confirmation, cancellation or change

Status of all requests on personal start page

Automatic recurrence can be set

Statistics on utilization

Can be filtered by status

Print templates for the creation of lists

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