Communicate easily, safely and reliably

An integrated chat in the app and web improves communication in your church community. Whether individual chats, group and event chats or in the form of announcement groups - everything is 100% compliant with data protection.

ChurchTools Chat

No one will be left out

Create chats within a group in your church (e.g. for a small group, a music or leadership team) or with everyone participating in an event. This will keep everyone involved in an event or belonging to the relevant group up to date. And: No one will be left out! If new people are added to (or removed from) a group/event, this also happens automatically in the chat. This means that the right people are always in the right chat.

Quick, easy and transparent

Get in touch with other people from your church without needing their personal contact details such as a cell phone number or similar. Simply invite the person to chat using a button and you are ready to go. If you want to keep chat communication to a minimum for certain groups, use the announcement groups option: Only the leaders write there, the participants can read messages but not send them.

In from everywhere

The web chat allows you to view all chats in which you are active in the app in a browser and edit them there. So wherever you are, you can communicate and stay up to date – whether on the move via the app or from the comfort of your desk with a screen and keyboard.

Secure and compliant with data protection

Our chat only processes information with the consent of users and administrators who are already in ChurchTools. We do not require access to users’ contacts. All information is stored on servers in Germany. Our chat is encrypted and the permissions for group chats / event chats are automatically regulated by the ChurchTools authorization system.

Single chat

Quickly contact people from your church without knowing their contact details.


Quick messages within your group. Let your small group know that the next meeting will take place at your place.


Communicate with everyone involved in an event and strengthen your sense of team spirit.


People who are added later (e.g. for a church service) are also kept directly up to date, as they can also view what was previously written in the chat group.

Announcement groups

Only leaders can send messages to this group, participants can see the messages but cannot write them.

Authorization concept

Group-internal authorizations decide who can start chats, who appears in the group chat and which roles participate in the event chat.

Linking to people, groups and events

ChurchTools is characterized by functions that are optimally linked to each other. This ensures smooth processes, prevents important details from being overlooked, improves communication between your members, saves valuable time in administration and organization and thus helps your church to work at its best. It is a holistic solution that supports you in all your tasks and thus offers a good opportunity to take a healthy path to digitalization as a church.

Fully integrated into the ChurchTools app

Managed by the ChurchTools authorization system

Automatic synchronization of chat participants

Offline memory of the chat history

Send pictures

Share sent and received pictures

Translated into German, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian and more


Privacy compliant

Still have questions?

Our support team will be happy to answer your questions – even if you are not yet a customer.

If you would like to introduce the ChurchTools software to your church or need support in the decision-making process, you will find a range of materials here that may help you.


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