Accounting for the entire church

Complete more accounting tasks in less time.
Keep an overview of the budget for all areas and divisions of your church and create a reliable basis for managing your payment transactions, your donors and their donations.

Reliable financial management builds trust and the joy of donating. With the GoBD-compliant software from ChurchTools, you can master the requirements and legal specifications that church congregations are subject to in accounting and donation management. It offers you a clear system that reliably supports you in financial matters such as church accounting, payment transactions, cash management, budgets, donor and donation management, fundraising, donation campaigns, donation letters and more.

From anywhere and on any device

All your data is available to you in a secure cloud so that you can carry out your church bookkeeping from your PC, MacBook, tablet or smartphone. You can log in to ChurchTools securely from anywhere and get started without having to install it on your computer.

Suitable for everyone

Different masks enable easy transactions – both for the experienced accountant in the expert view and for the department manager without previous knowledge in a simple view to make transactions for their department or cash register (such as the book shop, café or youth cash register). Appropriate authorizations can be assigned for this.

Full overviews

The intelligent integration in ChurchTools provides you with an overview of all donations made by individual users as well as a comparison with their donations from the same period in the previous year at a glance. An entry page with the latest changes, easy definition of budgets and tracking of income and expenditure, a booking journal with quick filter options and much more provide you with the necessary overview at all times.

Safe and secure

The data of donors and their donations are treated in accordance with data protection regulations. All transactions are retained and are not deleted. Data that formed the basis for a transaction cannot be changed. Changes to editable data are logged. All data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored securely on the servers of a certified data center in Germany. Appropriate access controls ensure further data security.

Specialized on churches

ChurchTools Finance offers financial accounting solutions that have been specially developed for the needs of church congregations.

Clear assignment of permissions

Your church treasurer manages the financial data and you decide together with him or her who can see what.

Budgets for departments

Define budgets for different departments and areas and track income and expenses throughout the year.

Different reports

Easily create evaluations and reports, profit and loss overviews, balance sheets and more.

Data transfer from other systems

Both accounts and transactions can be imported as CSV files from Excel and other accounting systems.

Updates and Support

Free updates and new functions as soon as they are available as well as free support are included.

Church accounting checked for GoBD conformity

ChurchTools Finance is a secure financial accounting system.

GoBD stands for “Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form”. They regulate which basic principles you must observe for your books and other records so that they are recognized by the tax authorities for tax evidence purposes. Some of the most important are traceability, truth, clarity, completeness, timely entries and the immutability of the records.

We have had an independent auditor test our accounting software and confirm its GoBD compliance. We therefore guarantee that these principles are fully complied with. For your church community, this not only means security and clarity in your financial matters, but also a product that complies with current legal standards.

Access via browser, no additional installation necessary

Direct transactions in ChurchTools

Budgets for various departments

Multi-client capable

Authorization concept

Entry page with latest changes

Booking journal with quick filter options

Totals line incl. comparison with previous year

Donation entry for a person from ChurchTools

Donation certificate/donation receipt

Assignment of transactions to cost centers

Fixing of transactions

Value added tax

Setting up and analyzing annual budgets

Accounting import via CSV

Intelligent accounting import / Bank MT940

DATEV-compatible export

Closing of accounting years

Various reports

Customizable chart of accounts

Template for chart of accounts SKR03

Translated into several languages

Modern Design

Daily Backups

ChurchTools Finance is currently only available in EUR.

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