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Connecting people - empowering structures - living the church.
That is our passion. Our dedicated team of Christians works with great enthusiasm to support churches, congregations, Christian associations and ministries of different denominations and cultures around the world in living out their mission in the best possible way.
Currently we offer 4 products in 8 different languages, are a team of 30 employees and are delighted to have more than 2500 satisfied customers worldwide.

How it all began

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

This proverb applies to most start-up stories, including ours.


Jens-Martin Rauen began developing the first version of ChurchTools in 2004 to organize the contact database of his own youth group in Elim Hamburg. The system was soon used to organize the contacts of the entire congregation.

In the following years, other congregations who heard about the system also asked to use it, and by 2010 several dozen congregations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France had ChurchTools as their internal system. Jens-Martin Rauen continued to develop the system and expanded its functionalities according to the needs of the churches.



In 2015, Matthias Huber joined the company as CEO and founded ChurchTools Innovations UG together with Jens-Martin Rauen. Since then, the company has been supporting more and more churches and therefore increased its staff in the areas of development, support, marketing and sales in 2016. The transformation into a limited liability company (ChurchTools Innovations GmbH) was the logical consequence.

The coming years

In the coming years, we were to support more than 2500 churches and congregations around the globe, especially in German-speaking countries. Today, ChurchTools has 30 employees, 4 products and a strong vision to help churches and Christian associations live their mission in the best possible way with the help of innovative solutions.

Our Company


Founding year


Team members





ChurchTools Milestones


ChurchTools was developed as a “sole proprietorship”


Word of mouth – more churches are using ChurchTools


ChurchTools Innovations UG is founded.


Transforning into ChurchTools Innovations GmbH


Grown to 10+ employees,
500 paying customers


Reached the mark of 1000 paying customers


ChurchTools in 7 languages, 18 staff members


New product: ChurchTools Finance,
new data protection function, ChurchTools Chat


2000 paying customers,
special support for church planting started


New Product: ChurchTools Finder,
New Product: ChurchTools Website.

Our Team over the Years

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ChurchTools-Team 2022
ChurchTools-Team 2021
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