Test ChurchTools

The choice is yours

Just have a look at a demo installation first (currently only German demo available) or start directly with your own ChurchTools installation?

Take a look or test

Just have a look or start setting up straight away?

ChurchTools Demo

ChurchTools installation filled with sample data

Your own ChurchTools-Installation

New ChurchTools installation for your own church

Demo Data

The demo installation is filled with sample data to reflect an active church in everyday life.

Try it out and have a look

It is your installation. Take your time to look at everything and feel free to change things. You can't screw anything up.

Valid for 3 days

The demo is available to you for 3 days. After that, we will automatically clean up for you and delete the installation. However, you are welcome to create a new demo.

Test all modules

What's the point if you can't test everything? We thought so too, which is why every module is available to you in the demo installation.

Fresh start

This ChurchTools installation is like a blank canvas. It offers space for new ideas.

Set up. Done. Go

Fill the installation with data from your church and get started. Make it something special!

Test 30 days free of charge

The next 30 days are available to you free of charge. Enough time to take the first steps and get those in charge on board.

Full access

During the test phase, all modules are available for you to set up. The basic modules are then also included in every package.

Test free of charge

Start your free ChurchTools trial today and enjoy the benefits of organized church management


Your church is not using ChurchTools yet?

ChurchTools is the ideally tailored software solution for today’s church. The web-based application enables everyone involved to help shape the church at any time and from anywhere.